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Safest Materials Handling at Automated Solutions Australia

With our vast number of robotic solutions at ASA, we can handle all your materials handling needs. Whether you wish to sort, package, palletise, transport or load  material, we have you covered. Established in 2002, Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) is a privately owned company specialising in the design, engineering and integration of flexible automation solutions for the Australian manufacturing sector.

Our mission is to bring the world’s best practices to the flexible automation sector. We design and engineer innovative robotised solutions to help our customers achieve a competitive advantage over others in their field. ASA has its headquarters in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide and a further office in Yarraville, Victoria. We also have a 250m2 office and warehouse complex that serves the needs of our customers.

Besides offering our expertise to Australians, our team also serves global clients. Our recent project saw our teams travel to Korea, India, Mexico, the US, Canada, Thailand, New Zealand and Argentina

About Our Materials Handling Solutions

Our ASA materials handling solutions are ideal for various applications like pick and place, palletising, packaging, part transfer and assembly. Our robotic solutions come with several benefits for almost any industry that operates at high levels of throughput.

The materials handling robots eliminate any health and safety risks that arise from moving products repeatedly. If you deal with sharp, hot, or bulky objects, our robots will also help you quickly move these objects on a large scale. Our robots can be integrated with a 2D and 3D vision systems to allow them to see where you want your products placed, colour and orientation. This is also helpful when it comes to sorting and quality inspection.

The robotic solutions can also be designed to incorporate a conveyor and encoder to identify and track any given part and pick it from a moving line. Since we know that there are a broad range of materials handling applications, the FANUC robots we use can reach anywhere from 300mm to 4700mm, across payloads of 1 kg to as much as 2300 kg. We have the benefit of being able to offer fixed and flexible automation, or collaborative (COBOT) robot solutions, depending on the nature of your application.

Materials Handling

Benefits of Our Robotised Materials Handling

Since manufacturing often involves several steps at different stations, robotised materials handling can help speed up the process. If done solely by human effort, it can be repetitive and costly, and at times, present occupational health and safety issues.

Our robotised materials handling can solve a myriad of problems and offer several benefits, including;

  • Improved cycle times
    With our robots, your material does not need to wait for your operator to get transported. The robots own the responsibility, freeing the operator to perform other duties.
  • Easier location of materials
    Automated materials handling can be designed to include a tracking system. As such, you can use this system to track any missing materials.
  • Reduced contamination
    If you have a sensitive manufacturing environment, robots can help you reduce unnecessary movement, and the potential for contamination.
  • Efficient use of labour
    Manufacturing companies always incur costs when moving materials from one destination to another. With robotised materials handling, the operator places the carrier on a receiving port of the transport system and leaves. The robots do the rest of the work, leaving the operator to tend to other activities.

For information on automating your materials handling, please call our experts on 1800 762 687.

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